Hygiene and infection protection concept HaSi e.V.

Until further notice, all members* are obliged to comply with the following points when staying in the club rooms:

  • General compliance with hygiene guidelines of the state of NRW and the RKI.
  • Observance of the information on the posters
  • Access for members only
  • Hand disinfection at the entrance to Hasi.
  • max. 10 persons may stay in the Hasi at the same time
  • Members may only visit the Hasi after prior notification and agreement. (Telegram or signal chat)
  • Only the marked seats may be used.
  • Persons must keep a distance of 2m.
  • Manual Contact Tracing:
    • At entrance to the Hasi, create a note
    • Scheme: name, date, time (start/end time).
    • Each person must be recorded.
    • At departure, put the note into the mailbox at the entrance labeled with “Vorstand”
    • Destruction after 4 weeks.
  • No access with cold or flu symptoms.
  • Doors and windows should be opened every 1.5 hours for ventilation.
  • Daily cleaning of the sanitary facilities and all door handles.
  • Cash payment is abolished for the time being
    • You can pay with the prepaid cards.
    • Prepaid cards can be purchased by bank transfer or card payment.